The ruffle collar or frill neck top

The ruffle collar or frill neck top is currently a big trend. It is smart, stylish and very eye catching. It also looks good on just about everyone. Chanel’s spring summer collection featured some very desirable ruffled collars and cuffs. Whilst not many of us will ever get to wear Chanel clothes, there are plenty of versions of this style on the high street The Chanel ruffled collar was very dramatic but some of the high street versions are much more wearable and suitable for everyday like this double v neck frill top (pictured above). The white ruffled collar top is particularly striking and a great alternative to the ever classic white shirt or blouse.

Ruffles in general were all over the catwalk this season from Givenchy to Stella McCartney. Riccardo Tisci used ruffles at Givenchy to create texture on neutral coloured dresses. A Stella McCartney the much larger ruffles created structure in the dresses. This seasons ruffled collar trend is also reminiscent of Vicktor and Rolf’s 2008 spring collection.

Most ruffled collars are originally inspired by historical costumes. Whilst ruffles are now very much a feminine feature, in history they were worn by boys and men from the 17th century right up until the early 1920′s. They included both plain ruffles and lace embellishments

Ruffles are a great way of creating a dramatic or romantic feminine look. They are also great for drawing attention to a particular part of the body or away from another part of the body. The ruffle collar or frill neck top is a great piece of clothing that helps to make you look younger by hiding the neck which is a part of the body that often shows your age. A ruffle collar or frill neck top also draws the eyes towards the face and if it is a light colour, it will reflect light onto the face which is also a great way of making yourself look younger. High ruffles on a collar also create an illusion of height and length in the body helping to make it look slimmer and taller.

The ruffle collar or frill neck top can be worn in a number of different ways. It looks great when worn on its own with a simple skirt or pair of trousers. For a dramatic and smart look for work, it works really well under a collarless jacket. Try teaming a white frill collared top with a black jacket for a really striking look. For something a bit different try wearing  a frill collar top under a simple shift dress, it will add a completely new dimension to the dress making it more formal or dressy for a party or smart occasion.

If you have medium to long length hair, the ruffled collar will look best with hair tied or clipped up so that it does not interfere with the shape of the ruffles. This style of top will also look best with minimal or very simple jewellery as the collar is already a strong feature in its own right.

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