Look Lovely In Lace

August 11th 2011 by | Filed in fashion advice

Lace is a must have style in the new season, able to add a fantastic feminine touch yet sophisticated elegant look to any outfit.

Whether you want to dress up in a light lace day dress or dress down with lovely lace details on shrugs, tops and tunics, when it comes to this look, lace is more.

If dressing up for an evening out, treat yourself to the luxury of an elegant lace detail dress or if you just want to look simply stylish choose a long tunic top with a delicate lace trim.

However you wear it, don’t miss out on the season’s key fashion trend.

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Clothing ideas for a summer wedding

August 3rd 2011 by Alistair Harris | Filed in fashion advice

Weddings are a great excuse to splash out on a new outfit – something eye-catching and beautiful – but it’s important not to dress so well that you’ll outshine the bride!

When picking out occasion dresses for events like weddings, there are some simple “dos” and “don’ts” that will ensure you make a statement without overdoing it.

Of course, summer weddings will probably involve a lot of out-door time, so it’s important to choose something you can look brilliant in, whilst keeping cool.

It’s also worth not going for anything too formal – depending on the invite – and perhaps choosing something you can layer so you can take off, or put on, a top if the temperature changes.

Floral colours are massively trendy this year, and it’s important to avoid wearing all white, or black, for a wedding. Going for something with floral print, or in flowery colours, is always a safe bet.

Don’t pluck out a long gown unless the wedding is likely to run into the evening, and make sure you pick out a hat that will allow you to see the bride, whilst stopping the sun getting in your eyes.

Obviously, white is a no-no: it’s a colour reserved exclusively for the bride on her big day. Heavy make-up, fancy tights or hosiery and exposing too much flesh should be avoided too.

The latest women’s fashion news courtesy of the Roman Originals blog.

Wide-leg trousers for a big summer look

August 1st 2011 by Alistair Harris | Filed in fashion advice

Wide-leg trousers have sauntered in and out of fashion over the last few years.

Their previous incarnation focussed around combat pants but with the 70s style revival this summer, tailored, wide trousers are proving to be a popular look for women’s clothing – whether you’re aiming for a floaty office look or looking for something relaxed for a holiday.

Wide-leg trousers look great with a masculine look – pair with a jacket for a striking silhouette.

For holidays, patterned or coloured palazzo pants can be a great addition – with soft, floating fabric and plenty of airspace to keep you cool abroad.

Wide-fitting jeans are perhaps one to avoid – these often end up looking baggy and slouchy without any hint of style.

But you can try mixing wide-leg trousers with an array of clothes for every effect from evening wear to casual.

Donning a pair of heels will give your legs and bottom a great shape in wide-leg trousers, accentuating your waist and hips. Flats are great for a more masculine look – add wide-leg trousers to a fitted trouser suit to look strong and stylish.

A flowing shirt or blouse can look stunning with wide trousers – but get a great belt to pinch any billowing material in to your waist.

To really get the 70s look, dust off some platforms or big wedges, and go for colourful accessories to look playful, fun and flirty.

The latest women’s fashion news courtesy of the Roman Originals blog.

Pick up a tunic for autumn

July 28th 2011 by Alistair Harris | Filed in fashion advice

The latest catwalk trends can sometimes be a little too much for ladies of a certain age.

Anyone over 25 would probably forgiven for not investing in any of this season’s high street trends, such as hotpants, short-suits and neon beachwear.

But the high-fashion shows for autumn/winter 2011-12 have unveiled a great look that’s absolutely perfect for over 50s women’s clothing: matching tunics with trousers.

Tunics are eye-catching, stylish and best of all, give your body a great shape through loose, flowing material. Rather than hugging your figure – and perhaps showing off the bits you’d rather not show off – tunics provide a great figure with little effort.

Whilst many high-fashion styles have featured off-the-shoulder looks with choker fasteners around the neck, t-shirt style tunics will work just as well.

Match with a pair of loose, floaty trousers and don’t worry about how the clothing hangs – it is supposed to.

Chic black tunics and trousers could be a great formal outfit or occasional dress, or spice it up with something bold, colourful and patterned to really put a statement to your style.

The latest women’s fashion news courtesy of the Roman Originals blog.

Like mother, like daughter for fashion sense

July 26th 2011 by Alistair Harris | Filed in womens clothing

It’s a phrase many mothers have muttered at their teenage offspring: “You’re not going out dressed like that!”

But it seems that when it comes to women’s clothing, that saying has been confined to the past, according to a new study. In fact, teenage daughters now may be more likely to scream it at their mothers!

Mums aged 40 and over are increasingly turning to their daughters for inspiration, according to research published in the Journal of Consumer Behaviour.

Whilst busy mums have no time to monitor the latest trends and styles, their switched-on daughters do: and therefore copying them is the quickest way to choose a trendy new outfit.

Whilst celebrity lookalike mum and daughter combos have been featured countlessly in the media, the new research is the first to confirm it’s a nationwide phenomena. It looked at 300 mums and daughters, and found adolescent girls were a key influence on their mother’s make-up, clothes and hairstyles.

The latest women’s fashion news courtesy of the Roman Originals blog.